Velwell Orchard

Biodynamics, Aikido, and Traditional Rural Skills

Volunteer day cancelled tomorow

Sorry! Too wet.

Volunteer day cancelled

Dear all

Tomorrows volunteer day is cancelled as Sasha and I have some important business to attend to that can only be done tomorrow.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Autumn Celebration Postponed

Due to wet weather we are postponing our autumn celebration to Sunday 6th of October which happens to be Kate’s and Derek’s birthday!

Let us know if you can come.

Some Autumn News from Velwell Orchard

The leaves are begining to turn and fall, and the apples are dropping from the trees. The pumpkins are ripening well, the cucumbers are coming to an end, it’s that beautiful autumn time again.

Autumn Celebration

To celebrate the turning of the seasons, we will get the cob oven fired up on Saturday, 28th of September. Apple pressing will be from 10am onwards, pizza will be served at 1pm. Please bring apples to press if you have some, bottles to put the juice in, toppings for pizza, and your good selves! Please let us know if you are coming, and share transport wherever possible. Donations are always appreciated towards running costs.


This year, due to financial difficulties, we are selling some firewood. It is 100% hardwood and seasoned and it costs £120 per cubic metre delivered locally. We only have around 4 cubes available to so if you want some let us know asap! There will also be firewood available to volunteers through the winter.

Aikido Beginners Course

Starting next week, I am running a 7 week beginners course in Ki-Aikido at my dojo in Buckfastleigh Town Hall. The classes will be on Tuesday evenings from 7pm until 9pm. While we welcome beginners joining at any time, this is a good opportunity to come and get some instruction in the basics of this fascinating art alongside other beginners. For general information about our Aikido School, please see the website.

Upcoming events and courses

In addition to our regular Wednesday volunteer days, there are lots of events and courses coming up over the next few weeks and months.

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Midsummer Newsletter

In this issue:

1. News: things are/have been happening.

2. Upcoming: stirrings, cob and BBQ, dry stone walling course, learn to scythe…

3. The Money: help!

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Midsummer Madness…

Midsummer is approaching already and you’ll be pleased to know we have some traditional Velwell craziness coming up. Continue reading “Midsummer Madness…”

Free Aikido lesson tonight… and BD stirrings…

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An opportunity for a fully immersive 9 months in an off-grid, land-based, regenerative community.
Learn a diverse range of skills from harvesting seaweed to baking in a wood-fired oven, from making hay with a scythe to managing a coppice.
October 2019-July 2020. 2-3 Places available. Application deadline end June 2019.

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