Velwell Orchard News

Thanks to those of you who have been supporting us recently, those who contribute to our bank account and those who have been helping out on site. Jacob continues to do an amazing job of looking after the plants, animals and helpers. I dont think the garden has ever looked so tidy!

We are still working on our health and safety framework and protocols and hope to open to the public again soon.

In the meantime a few regulars are helping out on Wednesday and Friday mornings and we have a new WWOOFer called Rajni starting next week. If you’d like to come and lend a regular hand, informally as a friend, let me know.

New Aikido Club

10 years ago on this coming Monday, I started up a Ki Aikido Club in Buckfastleigh. To celebrate this I’ve decided to open another club in Totnes in the place where I studied under Sensei John Stoner from 2003 until 2011. It will be an emotional and exciting return to my roots and I’m hoping a few new students might come through the door.

After the upheaval of the last year or so I feel this is a good time to start a new club, when people might be looking for a new path to follow. For me Aikido has been the trellis up which I’ve been able to grow and learn over the last 18 years. I dont know how I would have survived without it and I’m very keen to pass on what I’ve learned to a new generation of students.

The classes will be in St. John’s Church, Bridgetown on Wednesday evenings. You can find more details here. I will continue to teach in Buckfastleigh on Monday evening and we always welcome new students there too.

Sensei John Stoner teaching in St. John’s Church, circa 2006.