A quick message to say Happy May Day/Beltane to all, and to thank you all again for all the generous donations that have been coming in. We’re now in a very healthy financial state going forward.

May – my favourite month! The leaves are all so young and fresh, everything is green, and the sun is bright, without being too intense. The hedgerows are full of flowers and, the bees are busy all over, and the birds are singing their hearts out. The garden is looking fabulous now, the beds are planted and sown, the grass is neatly cut, the soft fruit has been mulched, the logs are stacked, and the tidying up has been done. It’s amazing how quickly Velwell Orchard has been tranformed into a small patch of Heaven here on Earth.

We’re greatly missing our trusty volunteers and looking forward to a time when we can all be together again. Until then, here are a few photos.