In this issue:

1. News: things are/have been happening.

2. Upcoming: stirrings, cob and BBQ, dry stone walling course, learn to scythe…

3. The Money: help!


The sun has returned and summer is here again. We have just about managed to get on top of the gardening work, with the help of our wonderful new WWOOFer Sasha, and her keen enthusiasm for hard work. Sasha will be staying with us for the rest of the summer. Jacob has also been staying 3 days a week for quite a while now, and has been a great help.

Our Midsummer Madness Cob Pizza Party Extravaganza went well, thanks to Gamal and Barbara and their tribe of helpers who made it all worth while. A fair bit of cob was mixed and a lot of pizza was eaten!

We are looking to recruit a few new volunteers. If you know anyone who’d like to come and help us drink coffee and eat freshly picked fruit and veg let us know!

Next week Jeremy will be away on his annual Aikido Summer Course. Jacob and Sasha will run the volunteer day, Kate will be in charge of lunch.

Upcoming Events and Courses

Biodynamic Stirrings

Monday, 8th of July 8pm:

Stirring Cowhorn Manure. Preceded by a short talk at 7:30pm sharp.

Tuesday, 9th of July 6am:

Stirring Cowhorn Silica. Followed by breakfast!

Cob Party and BBQ

13th of July. Come and join us from 2pm for muddy fun. We’ll have a BBQ around 6pm. Bring wellies! And let us know if you are coming.

Dry Stone Walling at Bigbury-On-Sea

27th of July. Run by Jeremy with the Devon Rural Skills Trust. To find out more click here.

Learn to Scythe at Velwell Orchard

10th and 11th of August. Set up, honing, peening, mowing! You can find out more here.

The Money

We don’t need much to keep the project going, but we do need some. Remember, Velwell Orchard is funded entirely by individual donations. This gives us independence but it makes us reliant on generous individuals. Over the last couple of years our income from regular contributions has more than halved as people tighten their belts, or become less involved with the project. We have managed to get by with a few sizeable donations which have supplemented the monthly payments.

We do need a bit of money to buy seeds, chicken food, compost, gas for cooking, and so on, as well as to make gradual improvements etc. If you feel you can give a little please get in touch. Our current balance stands at £49.23. Any contribution, small or large is greatly appreciated.

Sasha sharpening her scythe