Apple pressing, pizza eating, and lots of biochar for sale… oh yes, and lots of nice dry logs…


Harvest Celebration

As the autumn equinox approaches, and the leaves begin to turn, the apples are falling and the wind and rain have come at last… it must be time to celebrate the incredible harvest we’ve had this year. The warmth and light that we’ve had this summer, combined with just enough water, has produced really remarkable vegetables. When the wind blows it’s raining walnuts here at Velwell Orchard.

So come and join us, on Saturday the 6th of October to celebrate the harvest, as well as Kate’s and Derek’s birthdays! There’ll be apple pressing from 2pm onwards. Pizza will be served at 6pm sharp.

Please let us know if you can come, and share transport where possible. Please do not park in the lane or on the track which can cause a nuisance for our neighbours. Tom says you are welcome to park at Cholwell Farm. Please bring pizza toppings, any apples you can scrump and perhaps an evening tipple.



As you’ll all know, Tim has been WWOOFing here now for quite a number of months, helping us with all sorts of hard work as well as an incredible amount of cobbing. Now we’ve brought his Oregon kiln up from Pentiddy Woods where he was staying and we’re planning on making lots of biochar from hedging brash over the coming months.

Biochar is basically a fine charcoal that can be used as a soil conditioner. It can be used in layers in your compost heap, or mixed with manure or leaf mould. It is very effective at aerating the soil, and at preventing leaching of nutrients. It also provides habitat for mycorrhizal fungi. We are offering biochar for sale and we can also come and turn brash on your site into your own biochar. For more details please see Jeremy’s website.



Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, the firewood brought back fromĀ  hedge laying jobs last winter has been stacked and dried over the summer and should now be seasoned and ready to burn. Please feel free to come and fill your car up and make a donation to Velwell Orchard.