The Breath of Nature

By Anne Gray-Thompson

Listen to the wind, the breath of nature
The ins and outs of earthly things
Come to see us in our stillness
Precious sounds these moments bring
Spring Summer Autumn Winter
All seasons, their gifts they share

We take them in our hands to nurture
Plant our seeds because we care
When they grow, the earth will thank us
All around the Land will sing
When we learn to love this goodness
Complete in all, these things depend
Then our love will truly save us
And earthly things will never end

Cob Party!

On Saturday 30th of June we invite you all to come and join us for a Big Cob Party from 2pm onwards. There’ll be lots of refreshments, bow-drill fire making, a barbecue at 6pm, and a huge amount of muddy fun. Bring your wellies, a good sun hat, something for the BBQ and camping gear if you’d like to stay over. Let us know if you can come.

The Good News

Thanks so much to those of you who turned out to our summer pizza gathering, and especially to those who attended our special meeting. I had called the meeting to discuss Velwell Orchard, and to share our financial situation in order to see what we could do about it. Also we wanted to tell people that we are expecting a baby! It’s due on the 22nd of December… as you can imagine, we’re pretty excited!

Tim started the meeting by demonstrating how to light a fire with a bow drill…  Then there were a few 7’s to mention. 21 years for me working at Velwell Orchard, 7 years running Buckfastleigh Aikido Club, I’d completed 35 orbits around the Sun 35 the day before the meeting, and Robert announced he plans to live another 28 years!

I was really happy to tell those present that since having written the last post things have thankfully begun to look up in a big way. We’ve been given some really significant donations, totalling around £1,100. Thank you! This has really helped to relieve some pressure, and allow us to buy some basic things needed at Velwell Orchard. Our personal finances are still an issue, but I think it became clear at the meeting that this is a temporary issue and should be resolved in the next couple of years. Velwell Orchard receives no external funding whatsoever and is financed completely by individual donations. Because of the generous gifts of time and energy from the all our helpers, we don’t need masses of money to run it but there are still some costs. If each person who reads this blog donated £1 per month, or £12 annaully, it would be enough to keep the project running! If you think you could do this please see here for more info.

In the mean time, we are blessed to have many really faithful and helpful volunteers and we’re just about managing to keep the garden ticking over. We have also been joined by two new WWOOFers, Hannan and Tim, and Tim has offered to stay on long-term, at least for a  few months. They have both spent a lot of time WWOOFing at Pentiddy, near Liskeard and they’re very useful folks to have around!

It was really encouraging to hear from those present at the meeting, how much Velwell Orchard is cherished by those who come here. One day soon I hope we can have more time to focus on those things that are enjoyed by so many but at present we are just trying to keep our heads above the waves.