Kate and I have returned from a wonderful Aikido Course in Cornwall to be greeted by a terrible state of affairs.

We are in DESPERATE need of volunteers to help eat all the produce. If you feel guilty about taking it away please feel free to make a donation or lend a hand but really we just want people to eat the food we’ve spent so much time and effort producing! So come and join us for lunch on Mondays and Thursdays or pop in and collect some to take home.

And while I’m at it…

This weekend there are two events to tell you about. Firstly on Saturday and Sunday a scythe course (see previous post). There is one space available still.

Also on Sunday, Derek Lapworth and Harriet Bell have arranged a Three Farms Walk from Huxhams Farm through the Steiner School grounds ending here at Velwell Orchard in time for lunch and the end of the scythe course. Click below for details.

The Three Farms Walk

Our next BD stirring event will be the following weekend, 23rd and 24th of July. There’ll be a BBQ from 5pm Saturday, cowhorn manure stirring will commence at 7pm sharp. On Sunday morning we’ll be stirring cowborn silica at 6am. Breakfast will be at 8am. We will provide most food from the garden but if you’d like to bring something for the BBQ that would be appreciated. Please come and camp the night!