If you haven’t yet made it up to Velwell Orchard this year, now is the time! It’s absolutely gobsmackingly stunning with the fresh May green against a big blue sky sparkled over with black and white clouds. The only drawback is that you will not be allowed to leave without salad.

We’ve just had an inspiring weekend exploring land issues but more of that to follow soon…

Next weekend we’ll be doing some BD Stirrings and if the weather allows we also invite you to join us for the first BBQ of the season on Sunday at 5pm. We’ll be stirring cowhorn manure at 7pm so if you’d like to hear a few words from me about biodynamics please come a bit earlier. Feel free to bring a tent and camp the night, that way you’ll be here already at 6am for the cowhorn silica stirring!… Followed by breakfast at 8am. Both meals are bring and share… Please let us know if you’re coming!

I realise it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated you all on goings on here so herewith a short taster. Firstly, a few photos to share:

Spring has got off to a slow start with many things a month later that usual. Now, at last, the warmth has arrived and combined with the long days and moist soil conditions everything has gone completely bonkers.

Much of the planting has now been done and the first broad beans are nearly ready. I visit them every day, wistfully urging them on.

Jacob has been wwoofing here now for a few months, working hard for his board and keep, and Baggins the Burglar is happy to have a partner in crime. They seem to operate well in shifts, taking it in turns to be flat out, or flat out.

Subsequently the mouse population has fallen dramatically and all sorts of jobs have been done, which has allowed us to get started again with the cobbing. Mud, straw, sand and water, with lots of stomping…

Many of you will have heard our epic plans for a new polytunnel workshop subtropical forest garden biodome project thing. We’ve decided however to put these plans on hold for another year or so as there are more urgent projects on the cards at present. Although we haven’t yet officially started our fundraising for this project, some people have already donated some money. If you’re one of those people, please contact me for a refund and accept our apologies for changing our minds!

So for me it’s one more week of dry stone walling down near the coast and then I’ll be back with the intention of spending the rest of the summer here tending the land and cobbing merrily away.

As well as the regular volunteer days we’re looking for wwoofers so if you know of anyone who’d like to come and camp and work in exchange for board and keep, let us know!