Proper April weather, showers, cold wind, then glorious sunshine. The first leaves emerging on the trees, shiny green and pale, they almost look impossible with the sun shining through… It’s very exciting to see the growing season beginning in earnest and it’s time to celebrate!

Loads of work has been done in recent weeks, preparing beds and chopping, moving and stacking an enormous mountain of logs. We’re now doing thursdays as well as mondays so come over and lend a hand whenever you can.

Now the first salad is ready, lush, green and and crunchsome with primroses to adorn it. The chickens are relishing the fresh grass and have had a new hedge planted for them from left over nursery stock. The hedge will feed them with raspberries, redcurrants, apples, and peas, thanks to a strange plant called the siberian pea bush, basically a bush with peas growing on it! The chickens have doubled their egg laying in response to the idea of such luxury.

So to the weekend then, saturday a day of potato and bean planting, pizza will be served at 1pm, please bring toppings… and then we’ll be stirring cowhorn manure at 3pm followed sunday morning at 7am by the cowhorn silica and breakfast… Then for Aikido students a 2 hour session in Buckfastleigh Town Hall from 10:30am until 12:30. Feel free to join in with any of the above.

You’ll see I’ve rearranged the website a bit, there’s now an events menu, with a diary, and lots of details about the upcoming events for you to browse…

Dont miss the Biodynamic Spring Meeting and then in May, the Land event that Derek and I are busy organising…