The new biodynamic farm at Huxhams Cross is holding its first stirring of cowhorn manure on the 25th of October. It’s really important that we support this exciting new venture and what better way to start than getting together to stir and spray. I’ve been working with Bob to plan this out and we’re hoping to have as many hands as possible to spray the beautiful 34 acre farm. More details from Bob below, hope to see you there!


Huxham’s Cross Farm Biodynamic Stirring – Sunday 25th October

Huxham’s Cross Farm would like to invite you to its first stirring and application of biodynamic preparations. This will be lead by Jeremy Weiss from Velwell Orchard and Bob Mehew from The Apricot Centre, tenants at the farm. Many hands are needed for what will be a special day, and the first Community-led activity on the land. The more people we have, the bigger area we can cover on the farm. We welcome all to this event – no experience in biodynamics is required, just enthusiasm and perhaps curiosity. There will be plenty of time to find out more about it all during the day, but here is some brief and gentle information about the preparations and stirring:
When and where?

Sunday October 25th. The timings for the day are:
1.45 – gather at gate from 1.45 and walk to the farm at 2 o’clock

2.00 – tea and cake and chat about the farm and biodynamics

2.30 – stirring the preparation (this takes 1 hour and we all take turns to stir the mixture, and plenty more chatting)

3.30 – applying the preparations to the land (using buckets and brushes to spray the mixture by hand)

4.30 – we aim to finish between 4.30 – 5.
Please note the clocks go back on the Saturday!
Please gather at the gate to the farm on the brow of the A384 hill just before the Staverton Road left hand turning and Huxham’s Cross (if you are travelling towards Dartington). There is very limited parking here so please be inventive with transport. You may need to park nearby and walk a little way. If you are unable to walk that far there is 2-3 spots at the gate entrance and opposite where the caravans are. Please let Bob know if you would like to park here so he can organise. You can just turn up on the day but it would be helpful if you could drop Bob an email at or call 07507841158 so that we can estimate numbers. Any questions also get in touch with Bob.
What to bring? 

We are hoping for a nice sunny afternoon but please come prepared for all weather and wrap up warm. Wellington boots would be essential since we will be amongst the tall clover / grass / herb mixes when we apply the preps. Please could you also bring buckets and hand-brushes if you have them to spray out the prepared mixtures. We’ll provide tea and bring some cake. If anyone else would like to bring something to nibble on to keep us going then that would be great.
More information about the event

The event will be a little experimental as we are working with such a large area of land, so please bear with us on the day. Jeremy has experiences working off-grid at Velwell Orchard, and is inventive in moving water around. The finer details of how this will work are being planned. The objective for us it to remove the need for people to walk to all corners of the land with heavy buckets of water. We are hoping to stir in barrels and then move the water around the site in a vehicle so that we can all apply to each field together which will be more fun and social. The stirring itself takes an hour and will be done in large containers with wooden paddles and does take some effort. We can all take turns stirring, doing as little or as much much as we want to.