July has flown by like the blurred flash of a kingfisher along the river. The field is a sea of colours, and when everyone is quiet enough to hear them, the insects and birds are chirping and singing away joyfully.

The last of the broad beans, the first runner beans, potatoes harvested and sorted, with kale, cabbage and broccoli planted in their place. Greens, reds, orange, yellows and a bright blue sky. Tomatoes now, and cucumbers, and the first sweet peaches! The trees we got from Martin Crawford have only been planted a couple of years but are laden with juicy fruits.

Kate has been kept busy cooking up lots of deliceous food from the garden: poppyseed cakes and bread, and potato every which way you can think of… and I’ve been fairly successful in preventing anyone from usurping my position as chief dish washer.

Apples are ripening now, tempting and teasing us from the tops of the trees. Buckets of pearly blackcurrants have been harvested, jammed and juiced along with raspberries, gooseberries and jostaberries.

It’s also been a month of new beginnings with the arrival of a new website, and a new kitten, both of which have been very popular, one with over a thousand views and the other with over a thousand strokes.

If you have a good photo you’d like to share on the website please email it to me but make sure you have the permission of everyone in it beforehand.

To boost the website’s search rankings it helps to check it regularly and share it on social media.

Lots and lots of people of all ages have been helping out to keep the garden well tended, and this has allowed us some time to work on the compost toilet/bathroom. The foundations walls are in now, thanks to Nick and Olly and my old man.

The poo chambers are also in place, and we are beginning to build up the walls with cob. It’s always a lot of fun mixing mud and straw and squishing it into place. Apart from the usual picking and weeding this project will keep us entertained for the month of August.

The last two weekends in August will be busy with a biodynamic stirring and course weekend, followed by an Aikido course in Buckfastleigh. You can find more information here.

With love to one and all, and many thanks too,