Dear All,

We’ll finally I’ve got around to putting together a website for our beloved Velwell Orchard. Hope you like it!

The last few weeks have been pretty intense with two brilliant wwoofers, Ollie and Tori, staying for a week in June. Along with Nick, we got cracking on the “Gucci Loo”. Being seven months pregnant didn’t seem to faze Tori as she earned the crown of “Hoe Queen”. Ollie picked up scything with a passion and between him and Nick no blade of grass was ever safe again. Nick drank lots of coffee and talked a lot but somehow still managed to get loads done!

That week we did some Biodynamic stirrings and had a barbeque. There was a great feeling around the fire as we stirred the cowhorn manure, then slept out under the stars. Before dawn James (aka Darcy) woke us to carry out a bird survey, which we followed by stirring the cowhorn silica and a much deserved breakfast.

Then it was off to Cornwall for me for a week of intensive Aikido training. I returned refreshed and revived, and happy to see Velwell Orchard had been looked after so well by Kate and Nick, along with Harry and Evie. Thanks!

Now suddenly there is lots to pick, salad, chard, beetroot, broad beans, as well as raspberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries and more…

The apples and peaches are looking amazing this year… I’m seriously considering eating them all myself…

Please do check the courses/events page to see what’s coming up here in the next few months.

Remember, if you can’t make it along to help out here, it’s not an excuse for not coming to get produce! There is loads at the moment and I don’t want to be putting any on the compost heap.

So for July and August we need all hands on deck for plenty of picking and weeding, and of course there’s loads to do to get the compost toilet up and running before the Aikido course at the end of August.

Love to all,